"I can't begin to express how grateful I am to BJ and the work he does using Muscle Activation. After a fall I had running down the mountain - my knee was less than operable and in only 2 sessions I was good as new - or possibly even better. Then after an emergency appendectomy I could hardly stand up straight... BJ to the rescue, correcting the brain signals and muscle memory - not to mention the supporting Purposeful Motions™ to keep me on track! I have referred him and his services to countless people, and I always receive calls of appreciation. He has helped to change many lives by allowing for our bodies to have a structurally healthy, and pain free foundation! Thank you BJ for your caring, compassionate, services that really work!

- Linda

"Brent has done the impossible! After injuring my lower back, which left me with 3 herniated discs, I was unable to sit, stand, or lay down for very long without extreme low back and nerve pain radiating down my leg. As a tradesman, my livelihood was in jeopardy. I tried many other things: massage, chiropractic, acupuncture, medications, etc. If they helped at all, it was only temporary and short lived. I was in so much pain that I thought that cortisone injections and even surgery sounded like a good idea. Until I heard about Brent. After a few sessions with Brent and religiously doing my Purposeful Motions, I was up walking, standing, sitting and even SLEEPING with less and less pain every day. Less than 3 months after my injury, I was playing golf again and picking up my young children. Less than 6 months after my injury, I walked my first 18 holes of golf, remarking that I actually felt better than I had BEFORE I injured my back! Unbelievable! I am forever grateful to Brent and his work with Muscle Activation."

- Steve, Painting Contractor

"I have gained a greater awareness of my body movements as I have worked with Brent La Grange and his Muscle Activation program. Over the years, I have allowed some poor habits to form, and I have created an unstable environment for my muscles to work at their optimum capability. For over two years, Brent, with his gentle and capable hands and extensive knowledge, has brought me to a place where I am pain-free, and I have a feeling of confidence about my strength. Brent has brought to me the awareness that my total body health is guided by many factors: nutrition, rest, appropriate exercise, and general mental well-being. I look forward to my continued relationship and work with Brent and Muscle Activation Therapy."

- Ann

"Thanks Brent, I was so energized by the end of the session I kept moving all night, doing Purposeful Motions's and trying new poses, feeling just really good. It is lifeblood to me to feel flexible and stronger and seeing results. Thank you for your professional approach and thoughtfulness."

- Dan, one BIG FAN of Muscle Activation

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