Balancing Muscles to be Pain Free

Conquest Muscle Activation was developed by Brent LaGrange, and is a unique, specialized treatment that relieves pain in the body by balancing the muscular system. The Conquest Muscle Activation process effectively retrains muscles to do the job they were designed to do, thereby alleviating pain and allowing the body to function optimally.

Sound Simple? It is!

Brent has created a methodology for treating the whole body regardless of the location of the pain. Throughout the muscle activation process, Brent works with his clients on molding their bodies back to health, and provides specific methods for them to heal themselves.

What sets Brent apart is his collaborative approach to healing. He provides his clients with the tools necessary for moving on from illness and injury so they can achieve their diverse personal goals such as regaining function, avoiding surgery, or improving athletic performance.

There is no revolving door with the Conquest Muscle Activation method. Brent has hundreds of "former clients", who have followed his program for healing. These clients have not only met, but have surprised themselves by exceeding their personal goals for health, wellness and fitness.

Brent has applied his own Conquest Muscle Activation approach to a variety of medical conditions, including chronic diseases, joint disorders, neurologic disorders, and lymphedema with unprecedented results. He has numerous accounts of improving and even healing complex and “hopeless” cases, where other conventional methods had been tried and failed.

Make the choice to join Brent on this exciting journey toward health and pain-free living, and discover how to get your bounce back!

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