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Functional Friday

I have always found the body to be exciting and educative. The only way that I seem to learn more is to try things out. Yes, they may be an alternative method but what is out there now, that we rely so heavily on, doesn’t seem to be doing all that great for our body. We see old habits and trials that decrease our bodies ability to function properly. Let’s vow to challenge the methods available out there and see if there is a better way. By asking the question “Why?” can we discover new and exciting ways to reshape our body to be back in form. 


It’s my goal to bring you the most functional thought processes about the human body that will aid in your growth and rehabilitation. To change the way our body functions with the least amount of effort without tearing it down. Again, our bodies function is key to the success we need to thrive. 


Please look forward to my “Functional Friday” message that will bring you exciting and educative ideas to change your world.


To start it off I came across a video that sends a very similar message about a forgotten piece of exercise equipment. The mini trampoline is a very useful tool. Some of you may have heard me talk about this and endorse a thought process that can be very effective within your body while working with me to Activate your Muscles.


Check it out!

added on 03/23/2012 8:11AM by Brent LaGrange

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Celebrating Success

We’ve all heard that success breeds success. I firmly believe it can happen. You can see that principle in everyday life. I also think that it’s very important that you celebrate that success.

Well, I have had a lot of success empowering people around the world to use their central nervous system to talk with their muscles again and the benefits Muscle Activation provides. Everyday I connect with people who have had their lives changed by trying Muscle Activation and seeing the benefits first hand. It really does inspire me to keep teaching the “less is more” philosophy. If I could reach everyone out in the world who could benefit from Muscle Activation, I’d truly change millions of lives!

I think one great way to get the word out about Muscle Activation is to share about achieving your goals. What I really want to do is have success breed more success. The spotlight is on my connections with you and how it can be your time to shine.

What I want is to have people email me their success stories ( I want to hear how Muscle Activation changed your life. Please understand that I completely respect your privacy, background, injuries, medical conditions (if any) and what convinced you to try Muscle Activation with me. Then I’d like to hear how you are today. Did you gain strength, range of motion or stop taking medications? Heal a chronic or acute injury? I’d like to hear anything and everything that Muscle Activation has done for you. Please give your candid opinion.

I’d like to use my great new platform of my website to let others see how they can relate to others out there who will be inspired by your success story. Your success will breed more success!! Let’s do it. Thank you.

added on 03/15/2012 8:06PM by Brent LaGrange

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Pain is Not Gain

If you could eliminate your pain in seconds, would you?  Brent LaGrange of Conquest Muscle Activation and Rehabilitation can make it happen.  As a biomechanics specialist and expert in the identification and correction of biomechanical imbalances, Brent can help you achieve a pain-free body.

What is MAT, and how does it work?  MAT is a systematic approach to balancing the muscles of the body by testing an individual’s range of motion and strength in different areas of their body.  By identifying the muscles in your body that are not functioning properly, Brent can “wake them up”, or stimulate proper neurological communication which causes them to accurately respond to messages sent from the brain.  Once this line of communication is established, pain often disappears completely and body mobility is greatly increased.

By identifying muscular and biomechanical imbalances, formulating purposeful body motions, assigning a simple and easy muscle exercise program, Brent helps clients prevent common injuries and eliminate pain from the body.  

Brent not only works with professional athletes, but has used MAT in conjunction with traditional therapies to successfully treat chronic pain and arthritis, clients suffering from fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, auto immune disorders and systemic disorders.

One of Brent’s clients glows, “Weirdly, it [MAT] doesn’t match anything else my other doctors did with me.”

An avid outdoor enthusiast said, “I hurt my knee snowboarding. I couldn’t walk on my leg at all and was in so much pain. After my treatments with Brent, I’ve been snowboarding pain free ever since.”

 Do you want to gain strength, flexibility and energy without pain?  Would you like to avoid invasive surgery or other medical procedures?  Try MAT. Brent is currently accepting new MAT clients, and can be reached at 303.859.2078 for more information, or to schedule your first session.

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Conquest Muscle Activation

A non-invasive approach to balancing the muscles through better communication within the body's nervous system.

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