Muscle Activation

What is Muscle Activation and how does it work?
Muscle Activation is a systematic approach to identifying and correcting muscle imbalances in the body. Based on neurological and physiological principles, standardized strength and range of motion testing is used to identify weakness and sources of pain in the body. When muscles are activated, the neurologic connection between the specific muscle fibers is re-established allowing faster and more effective communication between the brain and body. The result is an immediate and lasting increase in muscular strength and reflexes, and decrease in pain, regardless of cause.
Does Muscle Activation work on everybody?
Muscle Activation has had proven, lasting results with a variety of patients with chronic illness, including those with arthritis, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, stroke, autoimmune disorders, and multiple sclerosis. Muscle Activation is also effective with patients both pre and post joint replacement, or other orthopedic issues.

Muscle Activation is the treatment of choice for many types of professional athletes, such as PGA golfers, MLB baseball players, World Superbike, MotoGP and AMA riders, college football players, cyclists, and triathletes.
Does it hurt to have a Muscle Activation treatment?
The Muscle Activation process for muscles that are “shut down,” or not working properly can be uncomfortable, and you may have residual muscle soreness the next day after a treatment. This is temporary, and should be no worse than soreness experienced after a workout. Your body is adjusting to the treatment and re-establishing the brain to muscle connection. You may also feel like your body is moving differently, or “more grounded” as a result of the treatment. A lot of people state that they can “feel their feet on the floor,” or that they “feel taller” after Muscle Activation treatments.
How long does a typical Muscle Activation session last?
Your initial Muscle Activation session may last up to 2 hours, as you become familiar with the thought process and strength testing principles. Subsequent sessions usually last an hour. A portion of the session will be dedicated to your personalized set of purposeful motionsso you can learn to maintain your body on your own, and decrease the need for repeated MAT sessions over time.
How does starting Muscle Activation impact my workouts or other treatments I’m currently involved with?
Having properly activated muscles prior to working out can enhance your strength and endurance to maximize your level of physical fitness by increasing your muscle tone and reflexes. During your treatment sessions, you will learn how Muscle Activation works in conjunction with and complements other activities.
How do I maintain my body once my muscles are activated?
You will learn a series of customized purposeful motions that are designed to help you maintain your body on your own. Based on your dedication to these purposeful motions on a day to day basis between sessions, you will be able to see noticeable change in your strength in a short amount of time. Your purposeful motionswill be revised and upgraded each session based on your progress, until you are independently able to maintain your new, balanced body.
Why don’t you take my insurance?
Most insurance plans require a sizable deductible plus a per session copay with an “in-network” practitioner to receive services. Over the duration of treatment, this adds up to a lot of money, as well as a significant time commitment to go to appointments. The amount of money most Conquest Muscle Activation clients end up paying out of pocket for treatment is much less over time than they would pay through a traditional insurance plan’s deductible and copays.

This concept is especially important when considering the overall time and financial commitment involved for traditional therapies - missing work and paying out copays several times per week for months, compared to investing in a few strategic Muscle Activation sessions that will provide you with a lifelong understanding of and commitment to your physical well being.

Many of Conquest Muscle Activation’s clients have been reimbursed for sessions from their Flexible Spending Accounts. Conquest Muscle Activation will gladly provide a receipt for your treatment sessions for this purpose.
What Payment Methods do you Accept?
Conquest Muscle Activation accepts all major credit cards, checks, and cash. Save Money by Purchasing Pre-Paid Visits with Multi-Session Packages available for purchase on this website.
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